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by Waylor

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3 songs

" I preferred them live "


released March 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Waylor UK

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Track Name: Silver & Gold
you said burn it on reading i am only going to tell you this once
by the light of my tv you're the one that i'll always want
on the back of your tobacco there's a picture of an honest man with the words in his red throat 'if you can't love me then i guess i understand'

don't disturb me on the dancefloor
invite me to the seat of your car where i want it
everybody gets my game wrong
why does it take so long to feel better?
i never forget her but i'm honest and i work best alone
we're like Silver & Gold

i think we have to delete you now
because its doing my brain in
and it doesn't even feel good not like a hit or a chinese burn
now all my pictures are bleeding
shit has everything come undone
it doesn't even feel good

when i analyse in realtime why does it take so long to get better?
Track Name: Fibre
Are we ever going to leave your house or just sit and listen to the red house painters
i'd throw you in the wishing well but you're heavy like a murdered waitress

i've been pulling out of my blood this white fibre, i don't really feel your pain i just wanna paint your likeness
my triteness eats your darkness...

nobody told me to sing so high i do it myself
i'm like an animal trapped in a hole , one that is tunneling down
people tell me 'kid you really need to take it easy on yourself - do you think you need someone?'

buddy have you hurt yourself? did you cut it on a desert diamond
buggies in a fractal set and pulling out the endless fibre....

nobody tells me to seem so vague i do it myself....
Track Name: Hungover On You
I'm so hungover on you its like we were playing to lose i'm so hung up on the drugs they don't react like they should and all your modesty is gone and i'm so hungover

I feel like i wouldn't know if you fell through the floor it would be so cool if you did but i'd just get bored, unfortunate

its weird how everybody lies i don't understand / i try to be positive but it's out of my hands / my pulse is in sixes, they're four to floor / i'm so understated i do nothing at all

i'm so hungover on you now lie face down in your pool i'm so hung up on the drugs they don't react like they should for me and i'm sick of this reasonable doubt, it's really freaking me out, you know, i'm so hungover on you - je ne sais pas what to do...

you could've said 'take a hot second and slow down, think about where you are, just calm down - there's a language barrier'

life is so easy when you only think of yourself

i need a reason to go back